Bamboo Chalk Holder.




Introduction: Bamboo Chalk Holder.

Sick of chalk-ey fingers? Here's a very quick, very simple, arguably elegant, bamboo chalk holder.

Step 1: Find a Bamboo Patch.

This one is just down the street from me.
Cut off a stalk about twice the diameter of your chalk.

Step 2: Cut a Length Around 6 Inches or 150mm Long.

My bread knife was good enough. A hacksaw would be good too. Cut a little down from the joints as they are harder and not hollow at the same diameter.

Step 3: Split Bamboo Down the Sides Just a Little Way.

Maybe 1-2 inches down the side. This will allow the bamboo to open up just enough to allow the chalk to be held in the bamboo.

Step 4: Insert Chalk.

voila !

Step 5: Write Love Notes and Shopping Lists on a Tablet.

It's awesome.

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    Nice work I have some mini bamboo tree back of my house so these tips of yours will really help me out Thank you Keep up the good work!!!!!!!