Introduction: Bicycle Wheel Spoke Art With Drinking Straws.

Show your bike some Summer love and decorate your spokes with drinking straws.

You will need:

Wheels with spokes- preferably attached to a bike.

Drinking straws.


Step 1: Plan Your Pattern.

Here is my extremely slick and mean looking GT. I am giving it a bit of summer colour.

My wheels have 36 spokes.

I have 4 colours of straws.

I am going to divide the circle of my wheel into 4 block coloured quarters.

This means that each colour quarter will be 9 spokes.

Step 2: Prepare Your Straws.

Collect 9 straws of each colour and keep them in groups.

Run your scissors along the entire length of each straw.

Step 3: Wrap the Straws Round the Spokes.

Choose one colour first.

Slip the spoke into the slit which you cut along the straw.

Start with the spoke next to the air valve and work your way around until all 9 straws of that colour have been used.

Step 4: Repeat With the Next Set of Straws.

Use your next colour set of straws.

If you have reflectors to work around, just snip the straw where the reflector is, and slip the snipped bit on the remaining bit of spoke.

Step 5: Repeat With the Third Colour.

Obviously you can make up your own pattern, using less spokes for each colour section, or more... it depends what straws you have. You can use more than one colour on each spoke too, just snip the lengths down shorter.

Step 6: Do the Fourth and Final Section...

...and repeat on the back wheel.

These are not permanent and are removed with ease- but will last for a fair few decent number of rides...

S now you have some poppin crazy spokes for your bike.

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