Introduction: Secret Bible Compartment.

Have you ever been stuck for a secret stash-hole for your unmentionables? Be they medication, cutlery, a second mobile phone or the paper stuff, you need a secret place to keep some things for when your mum comes to stay.

Look no further than that Gideons Bible you half-inched from your last stay in a Travelodge!

Here is how to make the perfect religious hidey-hole for your dastardly implements.

You will need:

A bible!

Some stuff you don't want your mum to find!

A Stanley knife!

A felt tip pen!

Step 1: Pick a Page to Start Cutting Your Stash-Hole.

Open your Bible at a memorable page.

I am choosing the one about the Plague of Frogs- cracks me up every time.

Put your secret junk on the page, to make sure it'll fit inside the book.

Step 2: Cut Your Secret Stash Bible Hole!

Draw round your sordid items of sin with a felt-tip.

Score along the lines with your Stanley knife.

Keep scoring down into the following pages, until your compartment is deep enough to house your fiendish wares comfortably.

Step 3: Close the Bible, Conceal the Evidence!

Put all your crazy stuff in the Bible-hole. Check you have cut it deep enough by closing the book, and checking it shuts properly!

Step 4: Plant Your Gideons Bible!

I would suggest you keep your trusty bible by your bedside, obviously inconspicuous and easy to reach!