Introduction: Bicycle Fairing From a Foil Turkey Pan for Commuting to TechShop Detroit

I live 12 miles from Techshop <> near Dearborn, so while I repair my electric cargo bike I'm stuck riding my regular commuter bike. I'm not gonna lie it's a pretty sweet bike and all the extra exercise gets me hype by the time I get there so it's all good :) it only takes me ~ 1/2 hour to bike out to TechShop (if the winds are favorable). This fairing I made there helps a bit when the winds aren't so favorable. And when I do have the wind at my back it scoops it like a big sail.

Step 1: Ruff Out the Shape

start by generally smoothing it out with your hands

Step 2: Smooth It With a Sanded Wood Block

we found a little piece of wood in the scrap and sanded it down to further smooth the foil

Step 3: Make the Mounts

in order to mount it on my handle bars i cut a bottle in half lengthwise 

Step 4: Attach the Mount to Your Handlebars

next i zip tied the mounts to my break hoods

Step 5: Attach the Turkey Pan

here i'm showing how i reinforced the pan with duct tape to prevent the foil from tearing and just zip tie everything together

Step 6: Make a Wire Mount

this was made using a staightened out coat hanger

Step 7: Mounted!

Here, it's showing how the mounts all attach to the turkey pan

Step 8: Bike With Fairing

here's how it should look when your done. next i'm gonna get my hands on some reflective tap and make some sort of mask out of it

Step 9: Comin at Ya!