Introduction: Big Head Iron Man Paper Figure

This is my entry for this year's paper competition: Big Head Iron Man.

Why does he have a big head? Because he's really smart! Let's start!

Step 1: The Head

This is, in a way, the most complex part, but at the same time easier to do because the parts are bigger and more easy to manage.

Step 2: The Torso

The armor is layered, that's what gives it the relief details.

In this case coloured paper was used, and not a colour printer - easier to make that way. Because I didn't find grey paper, I used a light violet one and I guess it still works - those are supposed to be the metallic coloured parts.

Step 3: The Arms

These are composed of two parts: upper arm with the humerus and the lower part o the arm: forearm and hand.

Step 4: The Legs

Just like the arms, the legs are comprised of two parts: lower and upper. The lower gets inside the upper without glue. That doesn't mean that these two cannot be glued - just to be sure.

Step 5: Support

All that intelligence needs (like Sheldon Cooper says) a support, so that's what the little guy got - something to keep his head on his shoulders.

Step 6: Finished!

Now you might be wondering how the guy under the suit of armor looks like. Well I'm not sure, but I understand that's he's quite famous, so I'll let that up to you.

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