Introduction: Big RGB LED Screen 256x128px.

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I would like to talk about how to assemble a large LED screen using inexpensive purchased items.

Step 1: Selection of LED Panels.

For this I used LED modules with a resolution of 64x64 pixels. Each pixel has a size of 3x3mm, and the total module size is 192x192mm.

I bought 12 such panels, with them there were some difficulties, if interested, I can tell more.

Link to selected LED panels, cost about $ 20.5

Step 2: Cables and Connectors

In the bundle to the panels there were power cables and interface cables.

Step 3: RGB LED Panel Controller

I chose the controller, but I can control the LED screens consisting of five panels horizontally and five panels vertically, with a total of 25 panels.

Also supports full control and downloading of the program over the local network, video playback, and when installing the Wifi module and wireless connection to the computer.

Step 4: HUB

With the controller in the kit sold hub, it is needed to connect the panels.

Step 5: Controller

Model controller -HD-D30, link to the product, cost about $ 40

Step 6: Power Supply

I also used a power supply with a power of 200 watts and a voltage of 5 volts. All such devices usually have a power supply of 5 volts. The current consumption can be large, 40 and more amperes.

References to suitable power supply models that I recommend for use.



Step 7: Case

Since I planned to make two screens, large and small, then the shells for screens were made of metallized plastic, glass and steel profiles.

Step 8: Some Problems.

In the process of tuning, there were some difficulties that I successfully solved, so if it's interesting, then next time I'll tell you in more detail.

Step 9: Some Problems 2

Also there was a problem with a large screen, I also successfully solved it :)

Step 10: What Was Finally Obtained

The entire screen of 8 panels (4x2) cost me about (without taking into account the cost of delivery).

LED controller - $40

8 pieces of panels - $20.5х8 = $164 - Alternative link to similar panels

Power Adapter - $20 Case - about $30 - Alternative link to power supply

Delivery and other expenses - about $50

Total - $ 305.

Step 11: Result

More clearly see the result on the video. Do not be frightened, paneled in the test mode, after I adjust the position of the panels and make out more accurately. :)