Introduction: Biggoron Sword Quest

Equipment and Materials

Nintendo 3Ds

Copy of The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time

This guide is made to accomplish getting the Biggoron sword the quickest way possible. The instructions are directed toward people who already have an understanding of the game and the layout of the map. This guide will help the player get through without making a mistake and having to restart the quest. It is advised that the reader pay close attention to each step, for some parts need to be done in certain ways or that step of the quest will be failed causing the player to have to start the step over again.

The player should also note that the ideal time to begin this quest is after they complete the forest temple, when they have learned the Minuet of Forest to teleport to the Lost Woods and have taken Epona from Lon Lon Ranch. The player should also have unthawed King Zora in Zora’s domain before starting the quest.

Step 1: Get the Pocket Cucco Egg and Hatch It.

  • Begin the quest by speaking to the Cucco Lady in Kakariko Village as Adult Link.
  • Upon getting the Pocket Cucco egg you must wait one day in game time to hatch it. The easiest way is to play the sun’s song twice. If you have not learned the sun song you can wait in Hyrule Field.
  • For those who do not know where she is: Enter Kakariko Village and go straight until you hit the stairs that lead up to the well. Go up the stairs then to your right. She will be standing by a fenced in area.
  • Note time does not pass in villages.

Step 2: Wake Up Talon With the Pocket Cucco Then Trade It Back to Cucco Lady.

  • Once the Pocket Cucco hatches from the Pocket Cucco egg take it to the house across from the Skulltula house.
  • Take out the Pocket Cucco and use it next to Talon and he will wake up and return to Lon Lon Ranch. Now that the Pocket Cucco is happy take it back to the Cucco Lady and she will give you Cojiro.
  • If you do not know where the Skulltula house is you can find Talon’s house by entering Kakariko Village, walking straight and hugging the left side. When you reach the stairs on your left his house is the door in front of you.

Step 3: Take Cojiro to the Man in the Lost Woods.

  • You need to take Cojiro to the pale man in the Lost Woods. He is in the same spot where the skull kid used to be as Young Link.
  • Show Cojiro to the pale man sitting in the grass and he will give you the odd mushroom to take back to the potion shop in Kakariko.
  • Quickest Route: Play the Minuet of Forest. Leave the Meadow and enter the Lost Woods. Go straight through the tunnel ahead. Go backwards through the tunnel you came out of. Go into the first tunnel on your left.

Step 4: Go to the Potion Shop in Kakariko Village.

*Warning: Do not teleport during this step! Teleporting will spoil the mushroom!

  • This is your first timed mission. Return back to Kakariko Village on Epona within the three minute time frame.
    • Note that playing Epona’s Song will call her to you immediately once in Hyrule Field.
  • Talk to the old hag in the hidden potion shop to receive the odd potion.
  • Quickest Route: Leave the Lost woods. Jump down off the ledges and out the tunnel in the wall on the right. Call Epona and ride north to Kakariko.
  • If you do not know where the hidden potion shop is, it is located in Kakariko Village near the entrance to Death Mountain. Walk through the village as if you were going to Death Mountain but when you see the door with the sign above it on your right go through it and then through the door ahead. Jump off the ledge and around the right wall to the door to the shop.

Step 5: Bring the Potion to the Girl in the Lost Woods.

  • Go back to the Lost Woods where the pale man was. It is O.K. to teleport now so the fastest way is through the Sacred Forest Meadow teleport again.
  • Where the pale man was you will see a small girl who will tell you that the man has turned into a Stalfos. She tells you to give her the odd potion since it belongs to the forest and gives you the poacher’s saw.

Step 6: Trade the Poacher’s Saw for the Broken Sword in Gerudo Valley.

  • Take the poacher’s saw to Gerudo Valley. Refer to the map to see where it is, it is the west-most area from Hyrule Field.
  • Ride Epona there and when you get to the broken bridge Epona will jump it if you are going fast enough.
  • There will be a man standing outside the tent on the other side of the bridge. Trade him the poacher’s saw and he will give you the broken Biggoron’s sword.

Step 7: Bring the Broken Sword to Biggoron.

  • Take the broken Biggoron sword to the top of Death Mountain. Talk to Biggoron and show him the broken sword. He will say he has volcano dust in his eye and will offer to fix the sword in exchange for eye drops. He will then give you a prescription. You can use one of the following routes:
    • If you know the Bolero of Fire, play it and warp to the crater. From here you can either use the magic bean plant to take you to the top or use the hookshot to go across the broken bridge then climb up the ladder and leave through the tunnel.
    • Ride back to Kakariko. Start climbing Death Mountain, but when the path splits to Goron City or to go higher along the wall go higher along the wall. Run across the valley and dodge the falling rocks. Climb the wall at the end to get to the top.

Step 8: Get the Eyeball Frog From King Zora.

  • Take the prescription to Zora’s Domain. Show the prescription King Zora who should be unthawed. He will give you the eyeball frog to take to the laboratory.
  • Getting to Zora’s Domain: Play the Prelude of light. Leave the temple of time and go into Hyrule Field. Follow the river south until you hit the mouth of the stream. Leave Epona there and continue up the path on foot. Play Zelda’s Lullaby outside the waterfall and enter. Go up when you get inside to find the king.

Step 9: Get the Eyedrops From the Old Scientist at Lake Hylia.

*Warning: Do not teleport during this step! Teleporting will spoil the eyeball frog!

  • Take the eyeball frog to the Lakeside Laboratory by Lake Hylia. Give the man inside the eyeball frog and he will make the eyedrops.
  • Quickest Route: Leave Zora’s Domain and let the stream take you all the way back to Epona. Ride her to the south-most exit of Hyrule Field and jump the two fences. Follow the linear path to the Lab.

Step 10: Return to the Top of Death Mountain and Give Biggoron the Eyedrops.

*Warning: Do not teleport during this step! Teleporting will set the timer to zero!

  • Now is the trickiest part. You are given four minutes, but the path from the laboratory to Biggoron is more complicated.
  • Return to the top of death mountain again. Once at the top give Biggoron the eyedrops and he will give you the claim check.
  • Quickest Route: Ride Epona all the way back to Kakariko. From there climb Death Mountain again, crossing the valley with the falling rocks and climbing the wall with the skulltulas on it. It will be a close call, but if you were fast enough you will have a few seconds to spare.

Step 11: Wait Two Days for the Sword.

  • It takes two full days for the sword to be finished, so the fastest way to get it is to play the sun’s song four times.
  • Once two days have passed talk to Biggoron again and he will trade the claim check for the Biggoron’s sword. Congratulations! You now have the most powerful weapon in Hyrule!