Introduction: Bike CO2 Pump Repair With Oogoo

Hello you all!!! this is my first instructable!! hope you enjoy it.

After finding out about the amazing world of Oogoo, I've decided to repair my bike CO2 pump. This pump has taken a dive to the floor and broke a plastic piece that was responsible for holding the valve type (schredder or presta) rubber in place.

Step 1: Materials

  • Silicone (for oogoo)
  • Corn Starch (for oogoo)
  • cutting knife
  • Power tool (I've used my dremel) with sander drum

Step 2: Mix Oogoo

First, I've made the oogoo mix. I've tried several combinations so far, and for this project specifically needed the hardest compound possible, so I've mixed the silicone with corn starch progressively until the silicone was completelly saturated and could not absorb any more corn starch, at that point, I took it out of the plastic cup and compressed it with my hands until the oogoo was finished.

Take in account that the more corn starch you add, the less time you have to mold/cast it, so with this particular mixture, be sure to be quick!!

Step 3: Mold the Oogoo

After making the oogoo, simply mold it around the CO2 pump, compressing it with your hands so that the mixture takes every contour precisely. This is important because it's this contour that will hold the oogoo in place after it cures.

After molding the oogoo, wait until it cures, which should not take more than 30 minutes. I left mine to cure over night just in case :) .

Step 4: Shape the Oogoo

After it cures, take the oogoo from the CO2 pump with care, and with the help of a pen, draw the boundaries to cut off, always taking as a reference point the internal contours made in oogoo at the molding phase. These lines are just guiding lines to help prevent trashing the piece when cuting the excess material.

After that, just take the knife to cut away most of the excess material, and finish with the dremel with the sander drum. While finishing the piece with the dremel, be careful not to pass over the previously drawn lines.

And that's it! the piece is done and working as intended!


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