Introduction: Bike Lights Solar

A small ecological system to power the lights of the bike.

Step 1:

With this little wiring I wanted to combine practicality with ecology, the common LED lights of the bikes are powered by 3V batteries that run down easily, and the lighting of the lamps is not entirely practical.

Here's what you need:
- screwdriver
- welder
- cable ties
- electric wire
- solar garden
- LED lights for bikes

Step 2:

The idea is to take a common garden light solar panel (the type with an LED to illuminate the paths) and to replace the LED with the wires needed to power two LEDs. I have also added a convenient switch to keep the lights off when the bike is in the garage (the switch should be attach to the positive that comes from the battery).

Inside the garden lights is a small electrical circuit that provides to recharge the battery and turn on the LEDs when it gets dark.
The internal circuit has 6 contacts:
- 2 go to the battery (I attach the switch on the positive)
- 2 to go solar
- 2 are positive and negative, connected to the LEDs (I have them split them in order to supply two LEDs)

The lights are alight for about 1.5 - 2 hours, the light produced is not enough to illuminate the road, but simply to use a sidelights in the city.

The lights' bike have inside a circuit for flashing, this wiring not be used because the energy produced by the circuit of the panel is not sufficient, you can use only the LED.

You can find the italian version at
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