Introduction: "Thing", Light Please!

A nice chandelier inspired Thing of the Addams family.
A hand reaches out from a mysterious box in the ceiling and holding a light bulb. I love this idea!

Now I'll try to explain how I realize it.

Step 1: Realization of the Hand

First, I am dedicated to the realization of "Thing" and I ​​used the technique of papier-mâché then I created a silhouette of my hand using wire mesh. I tried to be as accurate as possible. I overlapped many trips of paper and I collated in with plenty of vinyl glue.

When the paper was dry, the hand had to be plaster. I covered the whole hand using a brush and a spatula. At this stage I tried to correct the imperfections due to the mesh, holes, depressions, bumps, etc...

When the grout was still not completely dry, I sponged the surface with a damp sponge, this helped to level out well and you avoided having to sand with sandpaper later.

Then I colored the hand with a paint spray.

Step 2: The Box

The box has a hole in the bottom to pass electrical wires and a lath with a hook to hang the box. This has been colored with spray paint, too.
The hand has been attacked to the box using a bracket and the bracket has been locked in hand with polyurethane foam.

Step 3: The Work Is Done!

The holder has been attached to the fingers with silicone. The cover has held in place with a hook kitchen and a rubber band.
I fixed the electrical system and the work is done.

The cost of the chandelier is very low.

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