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Introduction: Bike Rack DIY

Portable PVC bike rack for camping and toting your bikes in your truck bed.

Step 1: Measure and Purchase Supplies

Do some quick measuring to get a rough idea of the amount of pipe needed. My truck was 60 inches wide. Based on my design I figured I would need about 40 feet of pvc. I used 3/4 inch.

You may also want a pvc cutter to make things go a little faster.

You will also need pvc primer and cement.

For my design, you will need:
30 "t" connections
2 elbows (more for the optional modifications. Between 6 to 12 extra elbows)
4 end caps

Step 2: Measure, Cut and Assemble

For the basic design I needed the following lengths and quantities:
10" x 9
1.5" x 12
21" x 8
8" x 8
14.5" x 8
5" x 4

Assemble the pieces (dry fit) according to the diagram.

If it goes together correctly then prime and glue all joints together.

Step 3: Test

Test your bike and make sure it fits.

Step 4: Modifications for Disc Brakes

For my mountain bike, the disc brake was hitting the frame so I hade to make an adjustment to the design. I first just cut a grove in the pipe but then decided to make an additional bended section to allow clearance.

The new lengths needed are:
2.5" x 2

You will want two of these modified forks

The other two slots will accommodate the bikes backward and should have enough clearance (mine did)

Step 5: Modification for Skinny Wheels

Use foam pipe insulation to pad up the pipes. I used 7/8". It is pre sliced so that is handy. A pool noodle would also work nicely.

Step 6: Glue It Up and Have Fun

Glue your pieces all together. Apply primer then cement.

Get out and ride.

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7 years ago on Introduction

Very nice idea, well executed. I can see a modified version of this going in my bike shed