Introduction: Bike Vinyl DIY

hello guys , in this instructable we're going to make a nice vinyl for bikes .
we need :
- spray paint
- carbon fiber vinyl ( or any vinyl as you wish )
- scissors
- duck tape
- some paper ( news paper )
- a pen

Step 1: Making of the First Layer

For the first layer made of paint , we're going to draw with the pen on the bike what shape we want, then put duck tape on the edges as seen on the first picture , then to cover the rest of the bike and not get it sprayed , cover the rest of the bike with paper using duck tape also and letting only the original piece of bike metal showing.
then spray it from a distance , wait 5 min then apply another layer , do so for a minimum of 2 layers to 5 layers maximum .

Step 2: Making of the Second Layer

the second layer is made out of carbon fiber vinyl . to do the layer u can create ur own design and draw it on paper , then do it mirrored on the back of the carbon fiber vinyl as shown in the picture , then cut it.

Step 3: Final Step

in the final step , put the carbon fiber layer on top of the first layer , and done , u have a nice looking vinyl .