Introduction: Custom Air Valve ( Bike, Car, Anything ! ) DIY

Hello guys , in this instructable we're going to do a custome air valve !
we need :
- 2 bouncy balls ( crazy balls )
- something to drill with ( screw driver )
- super glue ( + gloves ,so it doesn't stick on ur hands )

How to do :

First, we're going to drill the bouncy ball with something ( i used a screwdriver ) , it have to be the same width of the air valve or even smaller in a little bit.
Second, keep testing the length of the hole , till it fits the air valve with a bit of it outside ( to adjust ).
Finally apply the super glue in the hole and put the air valve in it , then let it dry.
and u'll have a funny and weird looking air valve to put on ur bike or car or what ever .

NOTE : Be aware when inflating ur tires , keep ur new custome air valves in ur pockets , cz they'll bounce away !