Introduction: Bike Holder Inside of Car Trunk

I will present you my prototype of bike holder inside of trunk.

Why inside?

- it is a lot more cheaper than any other holders outside the car

- it is not problem if I forgot that i have something on roof:)

- i don’t like holders they are based on rear window

- i don’t have towbar

What are my requirements;

- still have one place on rear seats

- still have some place for luggage in trunk

- it easy to use

Step 1:

Put bike in trunk and find right position

Step 2: Draw in Googel Sketchup

In GS I found a bike and resize it to real size on my own bike.

Draw some templates.

Step 3: Paper Template

Print model on few A4 papers. Make some corrections in GS and print it again and redraw it on plywood.

Step 4: Make It Real

Saw it with jigsaw.

Holder put in car on to position and sign where would be holes for screws which will press together sides and tire.


Put some non-slip rubber bellow holder on seat.

Step 5: Screws

Screws on sides press together sides and tire.

Screws on bottom they were meant for regulate sides for different tires on bike.

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