Introduction: Bike Speakers Mk10

 hello.. after a fair bit of messing about and generally falling off my bike, the old speakers started to look tatty, so... bike speakers mk10, using the old bike speakers basic box... see my other instructables for those instructions..

Step 1: Strip the Old System

 here you can see how the old speakers were made, and how crappy they were looking...  i just stripped the old ones  and cut a hole for the rear bass driver...

Step 2: Upgrade Speakers

 these are the old small speakers and the new larger speakers.. showing the speaker and bass amp (these are the internals from 2 old ipod speaker systems)

Step 3: Covering/painting

 then i as the finish was more than lumpy last time (ie crap) i covered them in solartex and painted satin black..
solortex is an iron on fabric covering, available in black but im tight and skint.. 

Step 4: The Electronics

 this is the awkward bit.. soldering flying leads to switches and building a box for the volume control and bass boost buttons, i added a main on off switch on the last project as the old on off switch STILL drew power when off, flattening battery's.. i used it again because it was there, the solar panel charges the battery as always, theres a blocking diode built inline to the battery to stop the panel flattening the battery's when its dark, the box was solartexed and painted satin black...
i used a plug in headphone jack as the old system needed taking to bits if you needed to replace it (like when you fly over the handlebars at warp 6) hopefully this time it will just knacker the wire

Step 5: Making It All Fit

 making it all fit.... this is a real pain, and well worth taking the time to measure cables are long enough, but not too long.. the first time i had a box full of wires... not good
luckily enough the bass speaker part of the ipod system had the amp buit in.. well lucky so i screwed the spare one to the top.. oh and gloves when painting, probably a good idea:)

Step 6:

 badabing... done, i lightly sprayed with silver paint to match my bike... the batterys go in the same place as the old system, behind the seat, i use 6 nicad cells from an old power drill (about c- cell size)... i also added a battery monitor (5quid from the model shop)

any questions? i will add pics if required.. mucho luv x