Introduction: Bike Speakers

after a few near death experiences wearing headphones and dodging lorries, i taped some old speakers to my old bike... unfortunatly i have only just discovered 'instructables' and havent any build up photos, but the build is basic and easy enough to follow if you want to have a go..

Step 1: Not So Much a Step As Basically, Well Nearly Everything..

the speakers were originaly 2 sets of packard bell computer speakers, these were dismantled then had the centre section cut out and the ends glued together (i only used the fronts of the original boxes..these are the pods at the ends) the solar panel is a 6v panel from a house alarm box.. they were glued to a piece of ply with holes cut for the back of the speakers, this gave the basic template shape..
then i drew around and cut out the shape from 3/4 mdf, cutting out the inside first to make it hollow,also making sure the inside hole was big enough to clear the circuit boards for the speakers,(the mdf is around 6mm thick after cutting out) then a back plate the same as the front was screwed to form the finished box.. this was covered in iron on solartex, and painted..

Step 2: Wiring It Up

the electrics were pretty basic, just a case of soldering them both together and adding an extension for the batterys (originaly AAA's.. i simply soldered D cells together to make a battery pack) the solar panel wires straight to the battery pack using a diode from the alarm box to stop it discharging the batterys.. (use a black diode with silver collar inline on the + wire, with the collar facing the battery)
plug your mp3 in an leave in your pocket! ive tried many different ways of holding an mp3player, with no success... and it gets expensive! ive killed loads..
its easier to replace a wire(if u do a header) then an mp3player ..
the battery pack was tie strapped on behind the seat..
again... sorry about the lack of photos, i will sort some out for mk4, im thinking of building lights into it...

Step 3: 2009 Upgrade

since the last one took so much hammer over the summer (ibiza does that to your bike) i decided to upgrade ready for the 2010 season... using new speakers and amps, wired 3 ways this time, with a volume control on top.. and a cheap (5 quid) battery monitor from the local model shop strapped on, one shall be "givin it the big un" all over san antonio, stroll on ibiza 2010 toot toot