Introduction: Binder Clip Dock Stand for Ipod/Iphone or Cellphone (almost for Any Gadget)

This is my firts instructable, i hope you find this usefull.
Few months ago i found on this site some instructions to build a dock for my ipod touch 1g with some binder clips. As soon as a get the info i get the required material but the info was not very clear. Fourtunally i found a kind of combination with the binder clips that i bought and the result was amazing. So now i share with you my creation.

*NOTE.- If i did not write some words or something i will found very usefull if you tell me about my mistake.

Step 1: Bill of Materials

You will need:

2 x Large binder clips
2 x Small binder clips

Also needed:

Some kind of grips (your teeth or maybe your fingers can do this)
5 minutes to complete the Dock stand

Step 2: Assembly

The assembly is really easy, you will need the grips or your fingers to bend one handle of each small binder clip (almost 90° or as you need). You need yo bend it in order to keep your gadget on the stand.
Then add the small binder clips to one of the large, to do this just take the small and open it and clamp it to the large one. Do the same with the other one (small).
Finally add the last one (large) to the upper handle as shown in the picture.

Finally put an ipod, iphone, cellphone or even a PSP, and enjoy.

The video to show how to assembly.

Step 3: Aditional Info

More pictures to get clear the idea.

Last picture show a variant of the assembly, just changing the position of the handles and moving the top large binder clip.