Introduction: Birch Log Bird Feeder

Winter is coming!

If you would like to give garden birds a treat and have a nice looking bird feeder instead of a plain food ball, then follow these instructions:

Step 1: Tools and Materials

For the birch log:

  1. nice looking log of birch (or other) wood
  2. electric drill
  3. round drill bit or spade bit
  4. metal ring and staple nail
  5. screw hook

For the food:

  1. mixed seeds and nuts (birds LOVE plain peanuts)
  2. fat (e.g. coconut oil) which birds can digest
  3. pot to heat up the oil
  4. bowls to mix the food
  5. The birch log to put the food in

Step 2: Prepare the Birch Log

  1. Use the round drill bit or spade bit to drill several holes connecting to each other to hollow out the log on one side. Do not drill all the way through! The resulting "canyon" will be the repository for the bird food.
  2. Remove splinters and chisel the bottom of the carved out stem.
  3. Attach the metal ring on top side with a staple nail (or similar) to hang the log upside down somewhere in your garden.

Attach a screw hook on the bottom side of the log. That way you can for example hang a ball of bird food there - or another log to create a "food chain" ;-)

Step 3: Prepare the Food Filling

  1. Place the coconut oil in a bath of hot water. It is not necessary to boil, it starts to melt at ~40°C.

  2. While the oil melts you can optionally grind / blend the peanuts.
  3. Then mix the peanuts with the other seeds / food.

Step 4: Fill the Log With Food

Go outside or somewhere where it is cold enough for the oil to turn solid again. Then:

  1. Put some food mix in the hollow log.
  2. Cover that layer with oil.
  3. Repeat until log is full.
  4. Let it cool down and let the oil turn solid again.

Done! Enjoy - the birds certainly do :-)