Introduction: Bird Box Hanger / Mounting Bracket / Hole Plate - Recycled Filament

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Dear Instructabler's

In this Instructable I will take you through the process of designing and making your own bird box hanging/mounting brackets using a 3D printer.

The brackets are made from 50% recycled ASA filament,

They are manufacture on a 3D printer so they can be adapted and modified as pre your own requirements.

I designed the mounting components for Nests4Nature as an environmentally friendly option for mounting nest boxes. Although I am aware the product uses the material ASA its sourced from recycled materials and the process of manufacturing produces minimal waste, as well as being produced at the point of use.

The nest for nature project can be found here;

The filament can be found here;

If you would like to buy some mounting brackets or hole protectors please visit the eBay link.

Or amazon at; Brackets sold here;

Thank You

Step 1: CAD Design - Top Fixing Bracket

In this section of the Instructable you'll find the design's for the fixtures.

There are a total of three fixtures

  1. Top Bracket -
  2. Bottom Bracket -
  3. Hole Protector -

You can download the STL files and print them as you like, however I understand that not everyone's boxes will be identical. I'm confident that if you need to customize the fixture's design, that the subsequent videos and publicly available files will help you do so.

Step 2: Generating the G-Code - Slicing & Printing

In this step we will translate our 3D model into G-Code for the 3D printer to read.

Having a Prusa MK3 printer I used the the Slic3r software to accomplish this.

  1. First I Imported the Individual STL Files
  2. Then checked the orientation of the print to negate and overhangs.
  3. Adjust the print settings
    • Select the material (Filamentive ASA)
    • Select the Print Quality (Optimum)
    • Select the infill percentage (40%)
  4. Slice the parts and check the slice simulator.
  5. Export the the G-Code.
  6. Upload the G-Code to the printer
  7. Load Material and Press Print

Once the brackets have printed remove the parts from the print bed. (Not that the ASA print material is extremely sticky and is difficult to remove from the bed.)

Move next to the installation steps.

Step 3: Attaching the Parts

All that's required in this step is to attach the fixture to the bird box.

I've used 7 countersunk stainless steel wood screws.

Step 4: Fixing the Box to the Tree

The final step is to mount in a suitable place

I've used M6 coach screws (Stainless Steel) and pre-drilled before fixing.

Thank you for viewing the Instructable.

And once again if you'd like to buy some please go to eBay listing at;

Good luck

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