Birds Rest Place

Introduction: Birds Rest Place

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My house is surrounded by lots of trees and flowers
Large varieties of birds comes early in the morning and makes sweet melodious noises
and by noon it becomes quiet due to Summer heat.
And its a great pleasure to listen to them.

Last time I made a Bird feeder but it was washed away by rain and storm wind
As Summer started pouring heat, I thought making new Bird feeder Rest place
a little smaller one by pasting Tooth picks and Candy sticks with wood paste

1) I took Ply (1 inch thick) 1 feet X 1/2 feet
2) On that fixed scrap kids puzzles plastic base board
     Small house is made from Tooth sticks and Ice candy sticks
3) Kept water and some seeds for the birds in a plastic small container
    Those Plastic containers are fixed to Ply by Wooden adhesive Paste,
    so that it remains at position even if birds stands on the edge for eating and drinking water.

    The complete assembly is fixed on a tree by two wooden Screws
    It's great pleasure to see them eating and drinking!

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Nice idea! We have a birdbath and feeder hanging in the yard at a distance - my wife would love this, so she could see them up close. Thanks!


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks Joelhunn
    I will also love to see photograph of your Bird feeder in your yard if possible