Introduction: Rustic Wine Bottle Table Lamp

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I had a fun working with this project, The most tricky part is to make a hole on the bottle. I drilled hole with firstly with 1 mm HS drill then 3 mm and lastly with 5 mm with water jet. You can also get drilled outside in a Glass shop.With the Bamboo basket it gets really a rustic look, You will enjoy as much as I enjoyed..

Step 1: Rustic Wine Bottle Table Lamp

Its a joy in making this rustic look Wine bottle table lamp.You will enjoy as much as I enjoyed !

Step 1


Empty wine bottle, bamboo basket & dish, Nylogrips, Lamp holder with lamp, Wire, Epoxy

Step 2

At the bottom of Wine bottle drilled a hole of 5 mm

Wire inserted and connected to lamp holder.

Lamp holder sticked on bottle tip with epoxy

Bamboo basket fixed up right and its handle tied with nylogrip on botles neck

Bottle lamp kept on a bamboo dish for its rustic look