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Want to make a Birthday number pinata that is perfect for a princess party?? This could be the one you are looking for. An unconventional DIY pinata made from just 2 things - Cardboard and paper napkins.

What I like most about this project is how economical it is, I just spend less than 10 €. Isn't it amazing? Now I will give you some warning...though this DIY is very simple, it takes a loooong time. The flowers solely took me around 20 hours to complete. But we are super happy with how it turned out and was really worth the time invested in it.


Here is a list of Tools and Materials needed

  • Huge cardboard box or sheets
  • Color paper napkins 40 x 40cm
  • Hot glue gun
  • White glue
  • White tape
  • Cutter
  • For details(Optional)- Beads, paper yarn, Corrugated Sheet (crown)

Step 1: Making the Number Block

The number block is 60 cm high and 10 cm thick. Here is how to make it

  • Start by marking and cutting the shape of the Pinnata out of cardboard. You need two identical pieces of "Number 2".
  • Next, cut out strips of cardboard to use on the sides of the pinata. All the strips should be 10cm long which is the depth of the number block.
  • Next, assemble the cardboard number 2 and the cardboard strips with the help of white tape, matching the edges neatly (refer images).

Step 2: Making the Flowers

To cover my number block, I needed around 220 flowers made with paper napkins. I used 40 x 40cm paper napkins for this project.

  • Cut the sheet into half making it 20 x 40 cm
  • Now fold and make a long strip of 3cm x 40cm (approx)
  • Make slits along the length with regular intervals of 5mm.
  • Next, gently roll the strip from one end to the other. Apply white glue at intervals and at the ends.
  • Make as many flowers that would be needed to cover the block

Step 3: Covering the Block

Now is the easiest and the fun part where we cover the base cardboard number block with the paper flowers. Apply some hot glue and place the flowers closer to each other without leaving a gap anywhere. It looks more stunning when the flowers are arranged densely.

You can cover the block entirely with these flowers or leave some gap in between to add some elements as I did. I used white tape and beige paper yarn to cover the gap. Later added a few beads and some tissue paper flowers. Finally, I also made a crown out of a corrugated sheet and placed it on the top of the block.

Certainly, you can also add a golden bow or anything you prefer to break the monotony of the classic pinata. Adding a few details like these makes the pinata so unique.

Step 4: Watch Video Tutorial

Step 5: Birthday Photoshoot

Finally, its time to make memories. Leave them as decor on the party table or hang them on the wall or place it near the cake stand. Wherever it is, this is going to be fascinating.

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