Introduction: Biscuit Cake, Easy to Make :)

About: Hello! I'm in love with electronics but sometimes I wanna do something different. Well, I wish You all the best :*

Hello, I'm a guy, but I can make something different than electronics or something like that. You know what I mean. :)
Baking is an activity I like the same like also other masculine things. I would like to show you easy method to make a delicious cake without adding unnecessary fat :) So, lets do it :D


  • CAKE

We make 2 biscuits :)

-6x table spoon of sparkling water
-200g cake flour
-200g sugar
-2x teaspoon of vanilla sugar
-2x level teaspoon baking powder
-Some pieces of jelly
-Pieces of pears(some of them in chocolate)

  • CREAM:

    -500ml 30% cream

-Melted chocolate
-Small chocolate flakes
-The rest of fruits and jelly


  • Required:
  2. MIXER

In this step we have to prepare the main part of our CAKE.
Well, We have to separate yolks from whites. Beat whites in another bowl and leave for a moment.
Lets use a mixer, it's better than by hand :).

It's a time to mix yolks, sugar(vanilla sugar too) and sparkling water together.
After this accurate mixing we can put mixer to one side.

Now the spatula is required...

Later we have to add carefully whites and sifted flour and powder and we have to mix it slowly and also carefully.
It shouldn't take you more than a few minutes. Done, now turn on the oven and bake it for 20-25 minutes (180℃)
My baking tin has about 28 cm diameter.

Step 2: CREAM

  • SWEET CREAM 500ml 30%

It is the easiest step. Mix it with 3-4 teaspoons of sugar until stiff.


In this step, melt some chocolate and pour it over the edge of this cake like in the picture.
I had to go to my basement because of my compote with fruits.
Lets dry all pears and put in to the melted chocolate. Just wait few minutes and put some of them on the layer of cake like me. Then add some pieces of jelly the same way like fruits and after this add some cream again by your lights. In the end of this step cover the first layer and lets go to the second layer :)


We have to do similar things like in the previous step, but we have to make just one layer of cream. Then add fruits in chocolate, without chocolate and jelly. If you want to decorate your cake like me just use some chocolate flakes and the rest of melted chocolate. That's all you don't have to do :)

Step 5: END

I think It's the fastest way to make a super delicious cake for family especially in recent days when we must stay at home because of pandemic.

If you have question or something----> Comment below.

Best wishes. :)

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