BlackBerry Torch 9810 Reverse Oreo Stormtrooper Screen Hack




Introduction: BlackBerry Torch 9810 Reverse Oreo Stormtrooper Screen Hack

My BlackBerry Torch 9810 suffered a cracked screen which I needed to replace. Luckily I had my friend's water-damaged White Torch that stopped booting a year ago, so I gave the screen a shot. Surprisingly, the screen replacement worked although a few buttons didn't. Because of the mix of colors, I ended up with a "Reverse Oreo" appearance that looks like a Star Wars Stormtrooper. With the missing buttons showing gold, I even have a C3PO effect!

Now I can use the phone again with a clear uncracked screen. Even though some buttons don't work, I can still use the on-screen soft-menu if I need those functions. The purpose of the video is mainly to show the steps involved in opening up and closing back a BlackBerry Torch device for the purpose of accessing the various boards and screens, and even the track-pad (which can also be replaced).

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    I had same phone, it glitched so bad, didnt work properly, buttons were not working, screen was cracked but not as bad as yours, so i had enough )) I placed it under the tire of my truck and drove over it )) it was worth it )) i wish i made pics ))


    6 years ago on Introduction

    I have those exact two phones! I just got 'em for $20 both, I unlocked it (the black, functioning phone) and now working (almost) on the black 9810 the trackpad doesn't work and the screen is cracked the same way as yours, I'm planning on doing almost exactly what you did here, the only exeption being that the white one is a 9800, but I'll only use the digitizer from that one. (the LCD is not the same, it has more dpi on the 98100). I had no idea on how to open these, you're my savior dude! Thanks a lot.