Introduction: Blackee Gym

As a student participating in the James Develin's student design challenge, I propose my gym model. I designed this gym as like something I would believe that an Athletic person would like to use, It's quite simple but easy to maneuver around the gym. It doesn't have extra large area space for unnecessary movement, most things are near and easy to get to, it has sky blue clear glass windows for some sunlight to look out to see if wanted.


3D-Design Tinkercad

Step 1: Blackee Gym Floor One Layout

In this model the first floor has the main components. I believe this is needed for whatever purpose you trying to use it for. As for in the front of the gym we have the bench presses, this focus on chest strength, shoulder, and triceps brachii for the main upper arm. This gym also has a supply of dumbbells to work on your arm strength and lastly we have some exercise ball to either release stress, and to work on your body. The first floor also has an fire Emergency exit for any type of emergency like fires.

Step 2: Blackee Gym Second Floor

In this gym, there is a second floor with treadmills and yoga mats. I believe that if you are playing a sport that involves mainly running you should focus on your legs and to also release tension that you have or had on yoga. The second floor also has front windows, just going off preference.

Step 3: Outside of Gym

I believe when training inside a gym is nice and great, but you should also focus on your surroundings and environment and so out there is concrete and fake grass to get better or used to your environment that you will be playing your sport in.

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