Introduction: Blanket Fort

When I was a young kid, one of my favourite family times, was when I and my older sisters would build blanket forts and spend the day playing with them.

Somehow, spending time in the living room became much better when there were sheets above our heads, and it made playtime a total adventure.

so a few days ago, I decided it was time to surprise my 2-year-old nephew and take him into a small adventure in his very own fort.


Sheets! the more, the merrier!

some kind of rope to tie things up, and a ton of laundry clips.

things to use as beams (I used a ladder and some sticks), things from your house to use as weights when needed, and your wild imagination to use everything

Step 1: Create the Beams to Hold It Up

I started with this little ladder which was a very useful base of operations because it was stable and could hold some weight.

the rest of the beams were broomsticks, that I used a rope to tie sheets to.

it probably doesn't look like much yet, but believe in yourself!

Step 2: Weights

So apparently, sheets hanging in the air have some weight on them!

use random things from your house to give your beams some balance. whether these are some heavy books or a big bottle of water, everything goes when you build a fort!

Step 3: Tying Sheets Together

You can approach this challenge in many ways. I found that tying sheets to each other and creating loops that go through the knots is useful. I tied the loops to the beams themselves and it stabilized everything.

moreover, if you want to close the gaps between two sheets, the best way will be to use those laundry clips. they will help your fort have a proper roof.

Step 4: It's Coming Together!

So you have some kind of a fort! congratulations!

Step 5: Go Wild!

Go wild.

add more sheets, throw in some pillows. make everything bigger and more extreme. as far as your imagination allows you.

Step 6: Almost Done!


so you have a proper fort on your hands. good job! you're almost done.

Step 7: Enjoy Your Work

After you've worked so hard, it is finally time to use this fort.

play in it, sit in it, and create some memories that will be worth the fact you wrinkled all the sheets in your house in the process of this build!