Introduction: Bleach Shirt How-to!

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This is a how-to and follow up on my last Instructable. As per request here is a video on how I did it. :0)
You will need:
A spray Bottle
A Bowl
Stencils (if you wish)
Spray paint (Optional)
Gloves and a mask and a well ventilated area.

Take your spray bottle and fill it halfway with water and halfway with regular household bleach
Lay down your stencil's on the shirt (I used rocks to weight mine down since I just had cardstock for my stencils)
Begin spraying any way you want, start with bleach or spray paint, make it up as you go.
Once you feel you are finished and the bleach has set to a color you like, take the shirt and dip it in a bowl of clean water.
Wring it out, let it dry (If you plan to do the back of the shirt, otherwise just go ahead and wash)

When washing:
Wash shirt by itself with little laundry detergent, the first time, Then dry.
I cannot stress this enough
Wash. By. Itself. First time!
Otherwise you risk ruining your other clothes.
After you have washed and dried it once, then you are okay to wash with other clothes.

Hope everyone enjoys this Instructable and gets some use out of it.
For instance, Got a guy you need a gift for. Make these. They are awesome gifts to give, and you can put most any design on it. :0)
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