Introduction: Bleeding Voodoo Dolls Doughnuts

On this tutorial I'll make some doughnuts in the form of voodoo dolls. As they are filled with strawberry jam, they bleed when you bite them XD.

    50g. of Sugar
    ​about 5g of Baker's yeast
    50ml of Water
    70ml of Milk
    ​about 5g of Salt
    1 Egg
    250g of all purpose flour
    15g of Butter
Whatever you want to coat them with... I used chocolate, cinnamon, coconut and more chocolate!

    Mixing bowl
    Cooking spoon
    Kitchen cloth
    Cooking pot
    Slotted spoon
    Paper towels
    Toothpicks (for the voodoo effect)

Step 1:

The first thing to do is the dough. It is quite simple and you can find several videos online that explains it further in case you need it.

But basically you just have to mix in the bowl the sugar, baker yeast, water, milk, salt, and egg and mix it until the sugar melts. Then add the flour, and mix it well while gradually adding the butter. After around 5-10 minutes of kneading, the mix should no longer stick to your fingers (you can add some more flour if needed to make it less sticky). At this moment make it into a ball and let it rest for 30-45 minutes in a warm place, covering it with a cloth as pictured. 

Step 2:

After this time the dough should have risen by the action of the yeast. Take the dough and roll it into a sheet of about a centimeter (half an inch) depth. Cut the sheet in the shape of little men, and whatever other forms you feel like XD. Cover them and let it rest for another 10 minutes so they can rise a bit more.

Step 3:

It's time to cook now. 

Heat around 5 centimeters (2 inches) of oil in a pot until hot but not smoking. Cook the dolls in batches, without crowding, turning as needed until they look golden-brown. Remove from the oil with a slotted spoon and transfer to a plate lined with paper towels. 

Then use a cooking/icing syringe to fill the dolls with the strawberry jam (Here some commercial jams conveniently come in something similar).

Step 4:

Have fun experimenting with different things to coat them with...and when you serve them use toothpicks to pierce them. You can even cut them in pieces and have a dismembered doll in bites for the jam to give a bloody effect to the presentation :)


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