Introduction: Blending Healthy Vegetables for Your Child

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Is your child a 'fussy' eater? Do you feel like you've wasted good food, money and time? Does their bowl end up pushed away? Do you try to create that wholesome meal that has most probably taken you all afternoon to make and they won't even touch it? Are you struggling to get your child to eat properly? If any of these questions apply to you, I have some useful tips that hopefully you can take on-board and influence more nutritious vegetables in your child's diet.If you asked me whether my son is a 'fussy eater' I would most likely say yes. Fortunately he eat's most of my food but if there is a plain old broccoli on the side it's likely to end up on the floor. As adults we like different flavours and textures. We add our own seasoning or sauce to suit to our taste, so why not do that for our children? Do we assume they will eat what you give them? Weren't they born with the same taste as you? Of course not! A big mistake I feel is that we teach our children some bad habits when it comes to food - and not realising it! For example, if I didn't like peas and made it obvious, my son could get the same idea and resent. (They are quite clever in copying!)So let's be clever and take control. My experience? The Blender!

I steamed some Broccoli this morning and even added a handful of Kale leaves, (same colour, super-food) I figured let's push the boat out and see what happens... I had found a similar recipe on-line that inspired me to give it a go!I plugged in my hand-held blender and took out my other ingredients. Cheddar cheese, 2 eggs, breadcrumbs, (I don't salt but you can), pepper and mixed herbs. As soon as the broccoli and kale finished steaming, I blended them into a purée. I then added the breadcrumbs, seasoning, cheese and eggs until well combined. The texture was a sloppy green mess (in all honesty). With a griddle pan on medium to high heat (lightly oiled), I added a dessert spoon amount to the pan 4-5 minutes each side. (Flattened shape). Once the whole batch where made it was time to test the recipe to my 1 year old...Overall, he left me one for myself because his stomach was about to pop! He loved it! Who would of thought even kale? For me that was a first! Excited to create more recipes using my blender. Definitely give it a go, just think about puréeing and hiding the unwanted vegetables until their taste palette develops! Good luck please let me know how you get on!Inspired recipe please visit Bee

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