Introduction: Blink an LED.

For all you beginning Arduino hobbyists and students (like me) here is a tutorial for setting up and blinking an led with an Arduino and a little bit of simple programming!

Step 1: Materials

For this beginners tutorial you will need

-An Arduino (with USB adapter and IDE installed)

-A small breadboard

-An LED and a resistor

Step 2: Start Simple

For this step all you need is your Arduino. On some Arduino boards there is a secrete LED attached to digital pin 13 and that is what we are going to blink!

here is the code. you can copy and paste it into your Arduino IDE or find it under the examples folder.

you should notice one of the lights on your Arduino blink.

const int LED=13; //setting the digital pin 13 as the pin with the LED...
void setup() { // put your setup code here, to run once: pinMode(LED, OUTPUT); //setting the LED as an output. outputs include LEDS motors and more inputs ,however, include sensors and analog compenents... }

void loop() { // put your main code here, to run repeatedly: digitalWrite(LED, HIGH); //turning on the LED notice the word HIGH or on... delay(500); //wait 500 miliseconds digitalWrite(LED, LOW); //turning off the LED notice the word LOW or off } /*Code made by ticketingtie0*/

Step 3: A Little More Serious

Now we can use a bread board! using the pictures at the top (or using other learning resources) figure out how to wire the LED on to the board remember the longer ping is positive. connect the positive end of the LED to digital pin 13 and use the same code as before!

it should work if not you can find plenty of resources online to help guide you to become an Arduino wizard!

All the pictures here i got of google.