Introduction: Using Inputs With an Arduino.

Another beginner tutorial for all of you guys who want a little bit more advanced beginner tutorial. We are using inputs for the Arduino so the Arduino can sense the outside world!

Step 1: Materials

For this tutorial we will need a

>simple push button

>An LED with resistors

>and the Arduino IDE

most of this this can be found at a cheap price at your local Radio Shack.

Step 2: The Code

Here is the code. You can copy and paste it to your Arduino IDE or download the file above.

const int button = 6; //setting the button on pin 6...
const int led = 13; //using the seceret led on pin 13...

void setup() {


(button, INPUT_PULLUP); //declaring the button as an input to the arduino...

pinMode(led, OUTPUT); //declaring the led as an output to the arduino...


void loop() { if(digitalRead(button) == 1){

digitalWrite(led, HIGH);


digitalWrite(led, LOW);



Step 3: The Schematic

here is the schematic for this tutorial! (you need to download fritzing to view the file)

Step 4: Last Step!/other Info.

Once your done assembling the schematic and uploading you code to an Arduino board you should be set!

*my Arduino IDE stopped working(version 1.6.10) so I had to this project of memory please tell me if it doesn't work

and please tell me what tutorial you guys want next!