Introduction: Blinkytile Soccer Ball

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20 Hexatile + 12 pentagonal tiles with WS2822 LEDs you can make your own soccer ball light

Step 1: Parts

You can get your own BlinkyTile Hexatile Construction Kit on Blinkinlabs website

It comes with

-- 1 panel pentagonal BlinkyTiles which there are 14 pentagonal tiles (address #1~14 preprogramed)

-- 3 panel hexatile BlinkyTiles which there are total 24 hexatiles (address #15~38 preprogramed)

-- 1 blinkytile controller

-- address programing cable *1

-- DC jack connectors *2 (5521 type, you may need external 5V power supply if your USB power can only support 2A max. )

--4pin jst connectors *2

-- 4pin jst cable *1

-- micro usb cable 1.5meter *1

Step 2: Software

Step 3: Solder the Tiles

The green color hexatile is the first prototype when I try to build the blinkytile soccer. You don't need to solder the LED components when you get the kit.

1. snap the tiles out of the PCB panel.

2. line up all five pads between the two tiles you’re soldering. You may need some tape to help you hold the pcb

3. solder 1 pentagonal blinkytile in the middle and 5 hexatiles. All the led should face inside the soccer in order to get more shade.

4. solder the 4 pin jst connector to the pcb. (tips: you should put the connect the the side which the pcb has printing on it. That is to say you can not see the silk print when you solder it correctly.

5.solder the DC jack to the pcb

6. solder the jst connector board and the DC jack board to the soccer ball.

More soldering tips you can explore on the blinkinlabs website.

Step 4: Connect the Jst Cable to the Blinkytile Controller and Use 5V to Power the Soccer Light

There is a current limited circuit on Blinkytile controller pcb to protect the USB device. Once you light the 32leds in white at the same time, the current is over 2A with full brightness. At that moment you may need a external 5V power supply for the blinkytile soccer ball. But if you only light it half brightness or only turn some of the leds on, it is ok to use the USB power through the controller.

You can use pattern paint software to draw your own pattern and upload to the controller.