Introduction: Block Game

This is inspired by the pockeTETRIS project. I wanted to have circuit board that uses a larger screen, make it more comfortable to play without a case, and add a on/off switch.

Step 1: Build

The design files are on EasyEDA

The PCBs need to be lead free since it is a hand held game.


PCB - Menu then "Generate Fabrication File" - create Gerber or order at JLCPCB

1.3" OLED 128X64 - Make sure pins match PCB

3 - 10K Resistors

3 - 6x6 SMD Button Switches


2 Pos 3 Pin Slide Switch

CR2032 Battery Holder BAT-HLD-001-THM

CR2032 Battery

DIP8 Socket

AVR or ATtiny Chip Programmer

Lead Free Solder

Soldering Iron

Alcohol Electronics Cleaner

Cheap Toothbrush

Eye Protection for soldering, trimming, and cleaning.


Most of this project is through the hole soldering, but it uses SMD buttons so there wouldn't be sharp edges on the back side. Surface mount soldering is new for me, so I'll share what I learned. To solder the SMD buttons, first melt solder onto 1 pad, remelt solder and slide 1 button foot into solder. Make sure the button is aligned before continuing. Next heat the pads and feet with iron and melt solder on top until a solder dome is formed. I learned SMD soldering from Collin's Lab.

Solder surface mount buttons before anything else.

Next, solder the Attiny85 socket and resistors on the backside. Match the socket notch with silkscreen outline. After, trim leads and then solder parts on the front side. Trim the rest of the soldering after finished.


The flux from the solder will leave a sticky residue. After Soldering use electronics alcohol to spray or cover the PCB and scrub with toothbrush. Use eye protection.

Step 2: Program ATtiny85

Add Arduino IDE board support for ATtiny
Go to the "File" menu and select "Preferences" In the box labeled “Additional Boards Manager URLs” enter: and click OK

Go to the “Tools” menu and then the “Board” select “Boards Manager” and then from the type drop down select “Contributed”: Select the “attiny” package and click the “Install” button.

After install completes, close the “Boards Manager” window and select


Processor: "ATtiny85"

Clock: "Internal 8 Mhz"

Program ATtiny

Need to program an Arduino for the AVR Programming Shield

Upload the "Arduino as ISP sketch" [File] -> [Examples] -> [Arduino as ISP].

Attached the AVR Programming Shield to Arduino

Socket ATTINY85 chip on the AVR Programming Shield

Select the Programmer, [Tools] -> [Programmer] -> [Arduino as ISP] Set program bootloader, [Tools] -> [Burn Bootloader]

Open PockeTetris Sketch in Arduino software

Upload sketch, [File] -> [Upload using programmer]

After you successfully upload the sketch, make sure the dot on the ATtiny85 and the socket notch are on the same side and push the chip into the socket.

Step 3: Play

The middle button will change the block piece and drop it down when held. Also there is a pause mode that uses less power when the left and right buttons are hit simultaneously.

I've enjoyed building and playing this game.

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