Blocky Roads Batmobile (Minecrafty Driving Game)

Introduction: Blocky Roads Batmobile (Minecrafty Driving Game)


Hi Guys Today I,m Going To Show You How To Get The Batmobile In Blocky Roads!

Step 1: Crafting Your Car

All You Have To Do (You Can Just Do This For Your First Or Second Or Well...Bla Bla Bla) Is First Create Your Car And Keep Tapping One Of The Arrows On The Lower Part Of The Screen (Apple Company Device Screen) Until you get a Big Black Batmobile.

Step 2: Changing Light Thingy (Optional)

Then Tap The Yellow Color And Tap The Bigger Version Of The Yellow. Once You Tap That You Will Be Brought Into a menu. Then Tap The Box That Says Animation. After That You Should Have a menu Thingy With A second Yellow. After That, Tap The Second Yellow And Turn The Lower Color Thing To the Black. after That, Turn The Speed Thing to 1 Then Tap The Red Arrow The Says Back. Then Tap The Tool That Your Using (It's in a Blue Box With a Tool Outline) And Tap The Paintbrush. After That, Using Your New Color With Animation, Tap Each Yellow Spot At The Front. When Your Finish Making Your Batmobile, Go out Of The Editing Mode And Go into The Mode Where You Choose Your Car(Garage)and Tap Any Blue Arrow Until You Get To Your Batmobile And Press The Name And Name It Batmobile(Is Not Optional)

Step 3: Please Rate

Please Rate And If You Want To please Comment And Also If you Want To (if you Gain Enough Money) Max Upgrade Your Batmobile Like I Did!

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    Tip 3 years ago

    My new Minecraft skin is out on mpce add-ons


    4 years ago on Introduction

    Put black glass in front and sides of batmobile on back i put two of same color of car on bottom one on top of the other then fill hole of black glass