Introduction: Blondie Brownies #HMS2020

Hi today I will be making Blondie Brownies! These brownies aren't like any brownies. These brownies are chocolate chip cookie brownies. The softness of the brownie would make you so happy. Here's a recipe on these Blondie brownies. #HMS2020



Brown Sugar

Two Eggs

Vanilla Extract


Baking Powder


Brownie pan or Cookie pan

Chocolate chips

Step 1: The Butter

The first thing to do is to cream together melted butter, melted butter mostly works all the time. Make sure it's all melted, because you shouldn't have clumps in your butter. If your melted butter has clumps still, keep stirring the butter until it's smooth. I suggest to use less butter if you don't want a strong butter taste, so don't use as much butter as I did.

Step 2: Brown Sugar and Eggs

Add in your butter then add brown sugar for flavor. Also add in two eggs with some vanilla extract. Brown sugar and the vanilla extract will give it very good flavor. The two eggs would just be for the consistency for some yummy brownies.

Step 3: Add Dry Ingredients in

Mix the eggs, brown sugar, and vanilla extract well. After add in your flour first, baking powder second, and salt last. This will make the brownie batter thicker which means it would have more layers.

Step 4: Toppings

This step is for you to decide, you can add chocolate chips, caramel chunks, coconut, white chocolate chips, toffee. Today I will be using chocolate chips for the Blondie Brownies. If you don't want to use toppings that is also fine. I also suggest to use more of the toppings for the flavor you want, because if you use just a cup it wouldn't be enough.

Step 5: Pan Time

Spray some non stick spray. When you finish that pour in your batter carefully. Make sure to not pour your batter on the counter or table, it will be very hard to clean up. You should spread the spray on the sides so it won't stick as much.

Step 6: Bake It and Cool

Now then you can put the brownies in the oven at 350. When done baking let it cool off for a few minutes. When it's a good warmth you can eat it or put it in the fridge for a few minutes too. Now you can enjoy some tasty Blondie Brownies!

Step 7: Conclusion

For these brownies I say you need to add more toppings so you'll get the flavor you want. I added a little bit more chocolate chips and it tasted good. The brownies would not be burnt if you leave it for 20-25 minutes, if you leave it for longer it might be burnt so i recommend 25 minutes max. I say let them cool for a few minutes then eat them because it tastes better. Anyways hope you enjoy the brownie recipe.