Introduction: Bloody Mary Bacon Sushi

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This recipe was inspired by an overabundance of tomato juice and a particularly unique hot sauce. While technically not sushi, it offers a unique presentation and tasty platform for two of my favorite things, heat, and bacon.


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Step 1: Tomato Rice

Measure and place the tomato juice into the rice cooker. Add an additional 1/4 to 1/2 cup of water, based on the thickness of your tomato juice. You are looking for a watery consistency. For each fluid cup of liquid, add one dry cup of rice. Set the rice cooker to "cook." Your rice cooker has an anti-scorch feature that will kick the cooker from "cook" to "warm" when the bottom of the metal bowl gets too hot. When cooking rice in liquids other than water, we can use this to tell us when to stir the rice and then set the cooker back to "cook." This way your rice won't scorch and you can tell if you need to add more liquid by the firmness of the rice. Add pepper, to taste.

Step 2: Form Sushi Base

Once the rice has cooked, spoon it into a bowl and let rest for 15 to 20 minutes until it is safe to handle but still hot. Form the rice into rectangular shaped pieces similar to nigiri sushi. Be sure to make them large enough for a small slice of cooked bacon to rest on top. Liberally apply hot sauce on top of formed rice pieces, using a small spoon to smooth it out over the top.

Cut bacon slightly larger than sushi pieces using one of your formed nigiri as a guide. Don't bake nigiri with bacon. Place bacon pieces on a jelly roll pan until a hot broiler for approximately 4 mins (depending on the thickness of your bacon). Be careful and watch the bacon in the oven because it can burn very quickly.

Step 3: Assemble and Complete

Place pieces of cooked bacon on top of rice pieces. Garnish with celery leaves.


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