Introduction: Blu Vivo Xl2 Screen Replacement

I had to change the screen on my Blu vivo xl2 phone. This is not a tutorial. I'm just showing what I did. Your phone could explode if you do this at home.


Something sharp (knife)
Butter knife
A screwdriver

Step 1: Use the Sharp Knife

I removed the back of the phone with the sharp knife. I did the same with the screen. The screen was glued. I had to pass the knife all around. Yes... I broke the phone.

Step 2: Remove the Back and Separate the Screen From the Rest of the Phone.

I removed the back and separated the screen from the rest of the phone. The needle is for the sim/sd cards slots.

Step 3: Use the Screwdriver to Get to the Battery

There's a plate that keeps the battery in place. I removed the screws, put them somewhere I will remember and I removed the plate. On the battery you can read "Never disassemble by yourself".

Step 4: Remove the Battery

I used a professional tool to remove the battery. I removed it's cable before.

Step 5: Remove the Screen Cable

A big part of the flat cable that attached the screen to the phone was under the battery. So I unattached the cable and removed it. Then you can completely remove the screen.

Step 6: Rebuild the Phone

I put the new screen flat cable in place, then the battery and it's cover.

Step 7: Rebuild the Phone2 - It's Working!

I put the screen and the back of the phone to where they belong. I didn't have glue so there's some space between the screen and the rest of the phone.

Testing... it's working!

I really need to get a new phone