Introduction: Blue and Pink Make Up Tutorial

Step 1: What You'll Need:

Step 2:

•That pink thing is actually pink lip liner but toemato tomato ( you can get this at probably a drug store or a makeup store (<= duh) •blue eye liner it came with the make up box in the background • that foundation you can get at like Walmart or a drug store •that blush also came in that pink makeup box • that mirror I got aaaaatttttt... Hmmm I donno (sorry)

Step 3:

First wash you face then put some lotion on your face (any kind of lotion) and rub it in oh and take your glasses off if you have some like me let the lotion dry

Step 4:

Put on your foundation ( I look like a warrior haha)

Step 5:

Pull down the foundation under you eyes and then blend it into the foundation under that one do the same on the other side

Step 6:

Now for your chin and nose rub on your chin to blend it and above your lip and kinda circle your mouth and around your nose

Step 7:

Now your forehead just rub and blend

Step 8:

Water line: I don't go on my eyelashes for eye liner I use the water line... Grab your blue eyeliner and put it on it may tickle if you haven't done it before do that on both eyes

Step 9:

This is what it should look like after you put it on both eyes some thing like that

Step 10:

Eye shadow: I'm just using that blush you should know how to put that on right? Am I right? Yeah? No?.... Ok I'll take that as a yes... can't see it well......

Step 11:

Pink eyeliner(lip liner) Take your lip liner or eyeliner what ever and put it on your top eye lid on both

Step 12:

And voila it's complete