Introduction: Blue Cheese & Truffle Oil Grilled Cheese Sandwich

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Why not have these things in your grilled cheese sammich?  Gone are the days of childhood grilled cheese sammies made with margarine and processed cheese product.  It's time to turn up the volume on these bad boys and make an ordinary snack, into an extraordinary meal.

My friends Steven and Julio have shown me the way, and I am now obsessed with snacking on these decadent grilled cheese sandwiches.  And it's showing... on my waistline.  But none the less, these are a great way to impress some guests with some traditional comfort food, but sassed way up.

Step 1: The Essentials

Sliced Sourdough Bread
Sliced Cheddar (I used a white cheddar.... but any good sliced cheddar will do)
Blue Cheese.  Don't skimp and use the cheap stuff.  I used a 3 cream soft blue cheese. 
Salt (I prefer using Kosher Salt)
White Truffle Oil

Plates, Skillet

Step 2: Warm It Up!

I feel that the most important thing to making a good grilled cheese is patience.  Put some love into it.  Its like aging a fine wine, or buttering up a girl on a hot date.  You can't rush it, otherwise you're going to end up with burnt bread, unmelted cheese, and a really unsatisfied tummy.

So before you do anything, heat up your skillet on Med/Low heat....

Then, pour about 2 tablespoons of white truffle oil onto a plate.  The truffle oil gives it the slightest earthy, truffle taste and is a richness that can't be denied.

Place two slices of bread onto the plate and get an even coating of the oil on both sides.

Step 3: Cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeez

This is where i shed a tear for those who are lactose intolerant, because this is where things get saucy.  I like to take a piece of sliced cheese, and break it in half to effectively distribute the cheese : crust ratio on the bread appropriately. 

I then take spoonfuls of the super soft blue cheese and evenly distribute it over the sliced cheese and bread. 

Once that is done, sprinkle it will a little kosher salt.  Not much, just enough to season and help bring the flavors out.

Then, once those are on, pop another piece of sliced cheese on top of that.

Step 4: The Sizzler

When ready, place the sandwhich on the hot skillet.  You should hear a light sizzle... if the sizzle is loud and sounds somewhat violent, the skillet is too hot, take the pan off the burner to let it cool.  If there is no sound, the pan isnt hot enough.

I wish I had a more scientific way of describing that, but run with that for now.

Keep a close eye on the pan.  A well made, slow cooked, grilled cheese will take about 8 or 9 minutes on each side.  You want to slowly bring up the browning on the bread, and allow the cheese to slowly melt.

When its all done, cut in half.. watch the cheesey goodness ooooze out, and ENJOY!