Introduction: Blue Hawaiian Fried Rice

Hello, In Asia, we normally eat heavy meals for breakfast. So, I will show how to make an easy fried rice that look cool and taste good for breakfast and sugar cane juice with twist of lime for the drink. The ingredients are easy to find, and I also add some colors that contrast with blue, yellow and red in the dish to make it more interesting. The colors are from flowers, fruit and vegetables. Let’s begin.

Ingredients that you need to do Blue Hawaiian Fried Rice.

1. Pineapple, tomato, Raisins, and Cashew nuts.

2. Coriandrum leafs, Red Pepper, Onion, Green onions.

3. Butterfly pea flowers (Just for the color or Any colors that you want).

4. Long grain rice, and Rice oil (For cooking).

5. Hams, Bacon, and Sausages.

6. Soy sauce, Sugar, and other spices.

Step 1: Prepare the Rice and Pineapple

You need to boil butterfly pea flowers use a little water in order to get the blue color, (that will use later) to add with long grain rice by using the rice cooker. When cooking rice do not add too much of blue water, if too much water the rice will be too soft and it will difficult to fry. Next you need to boil raisin for a little bit (To make it bigger and look better). While you wait, wash the pineapple and start on cutting the pineapple in half and scoop out in the middle section, for later use, after that put pineapple in the refrigerator. When the rice is done, you need to open the lid and stir to make the rice cool down and will not stick together (Make it easy to stir fry).

Step 2: Prepare Vegetables and Others

Prepare the vegetables and others. After you washed all vegetables. First you should cut on the top of tomato (like a plus sign), and need to boil them for a short time. You need to cut the onion into small slices, and also the green onions into short stems. For the red pepper, will use only the outer skin (For decoration and color), be sure to get the seeds off (By use knife or spoon, don’t touch with your hand, it might feel hot) and do cut them into small strips and put in water. (All vegetables if not use, should be in water, to make it fresh. For the Coriandrum leaf just use only 5- 6 leafs and put in water for later use (For decoration). Now get the cashew nuts put in a bowl (Just little bit, for ready to use).

Step 3: Prepare Meats

Now you need to prepare Hams, cut into small squares, and for the bacon cut into a little squares (Smaller than hams). Then for the sausages, I used a mini size, so cut on the top of both ends (Like the plus sign) and you need to stir fry, and make sure it not over cooked.

Step 4: Time to Stir Fry

Start to cooks, you need to add rice oil into the wok (Not too much) and use medium heat. First you stir fry bacon until golden brown and add onions stir for a little bit until it get little soft. Next add some hams, raisins, and green onions (For green onions do not over cooked for too long, or it will lose the green color). Now it’s time to put some soy sauce, sugar, and other spices. Then add blue rice and make sure that you stir evenly and mix everything together (You should taste after you add rice, in order to add more spices). Next you add and stir tomato and sausages, mix up real good.

Step 5: Set Up the Plate and Decorated

Set up the plate with the half pineapple, put the Blue Hawaiian fried rice inside. Next’s to add the small strips of red pepper and Coriandrum leafs on the top of the Blue Hawaiian fried rice. The last thing is a drink. You just need glass of sugar cane juice and little twist of lime to drink with.

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