Introduction: Blue Waves: Crochet-wrapped Earbuds

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For identity purposes, I was forced to crochet-wrap my earbuds. 5 people, 5 pairs of identical iPhone earbuds. You do the math.

Bamboo crochet thread by Aunt Lydia's (size 10)
Size C crochet hook 
Yarn (or darning) needle
Earbuds (headset, etc)

This is a slip stitch and single crochet(you're not going through a stitch, so it's not exactly a single crochet, but it's VERY similar), so nothing fancy, but the "waves" are created by the use of a super soft bamboo thread and squishing of the stitches. Squishing is vital!

  1. I started at the "plug" end of the cord, but you can start anywhere you want. Make a slipknot and put your wire in front of it.
  2. With your hook in the slipknot, bring your hook in front of, and under, the wire (keep the working thread in back), yarn over, pull loop up and yarn over again (this time behind, and over, the wire), and pull through both loops on hook. It's kind of like a single crochet, only instead of going under a piece of yarn (through a stitch), you are going under a wire.
  3. Single crochet in the same manner, until you have a few inches of stitches. 
  4. You can see the white between the stitches, which is unsightly, so remove your hook and use your fingers to gently push the stitches together. Keep sliding the stitches down the wire (towards where you started) until they're snug, and you can't see any wire between the stitches. Do this every 3" or so.
  5. Once you've crocheted to the other end (I stopped when I came to where the wires split), make sure there isn't any white showing through, and try to fit a few more stitches on, making everything snug. 
  6. Weave in your ends.
  7. Now, the fun part - push, pull, and twist the "ridge" with your fingers, to create your waves. Try doing them in different directions, like I did, or be completely random about it!
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