Introduction: BlueBreizh Bluetooth Boombox

About: le Libre choix de savoir et de le dire aux outres

music for all,everyware ....

Step 1: Stuff and Mount

A support house key

bluetooth module(and 1 battery like 18650 for have + autonomy in the module)

a little powerbank

2 speaker 3 watt 4 ohm


a module PAM 8403 3+3 watt 3.3/5.0 volt

a capacitor 16V 1000µ

a earphones cable

Preparing the box is very simple,you can see in the pics.....

For connect the speakers and all part is easy;the module Pam 8403 have two output speaker(+ and - x 2 way L/R),one imput line (+and- and common ground (3 wires)) connected with the cable earphones.....

alim from powerbank wit USB cable with a switch.

In the module bluetooth i changed battery with one above for have long time use (18650 li-po 1800 mAh) and the output is with the earphones cable to input Pam 8403

Powerbank and bluetooth have own USB cable to charge when need,just open the box and connect charger.

Two day music non stop at the moment,depending from batteries and Powerbank used.....

oups.....the capacitor is mounted on input alim +and- Pam 8403 like a little reserve of energy in case you have too match boom boom...... :)

Step 2: Finally....

Yeah,i can watch my videos on youtube with stereo sound....but i can connect my PC or TV also....

Thank you to watch.... :)