Bluetooth Ammo Can Speaker

Introduction: Bluetooth Ammo Can Speaker

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I made this ammo can bluetooth speaker, it sounds really good and it is very loud as well. For all the parts and the instructions on how to make it see the next steps.

Step 1: Parts List

The parts you will need:

- 50 Call Ammo Can
- Sound Insulating Foam
- Nuts and Bolts for speakers
- 3S Lipo
- Lipo Charger
- Speakers (13 cm)
- Amplifier (with Bluetooth)
- Power Distribution Board
- 12V led switches
- 12V Usb Charger
- XT60 Plugs
- Speaker Wire
- Crimp Connectors
- Potentiometer Schaft Knobs
- Volt meter
- Velcro
- Solder


- DC input
- 3.5mm input
- Step Down module

When external bluetooth module:

- Ground loop isolator
- Bluetooth module

3D Printed speaker grills:

- 3D printer
- PLA Fillament
- Spraypaint
- STL file (In the description, file is for 13 cm speakers specifically)


- Soldering Iron
- Jig Saw + Steel cutting blade
- Cordless drill + Steel drill bits
- Steel file (different shapes)
- Hot Glue Gun
- Locktide

Step 2: Build Progress

- Mask the entire ammo can in masking tape to prevent scratches.
- Drill/cut the desired holes.
- Put all the electronics in the holes.
- Use some type of glue or locktide to secure the speaker nuts and bolts, this will prevent the nuts from comming loose because of vibrations.
- Wire all the electronics with the help of the schematic in the previous step.
- Plug in the 3S lipo
- Flick the switch
- Have fun!

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2 years ago

I am looking at your set up, how would the battery be charged, do you have an updated plan that includes a battery charging option?


Question 4 years ago on Introduction

where is the blue switch in the electrical layout?


Answer 4 years ago

The blue switch is optional for turning on and off the bluetooth. You could wire it between the bluetooth module and the 5 volt power. But that's only possible if you have a separate bluetooth module. If you have the bluetooth build into your amplifier, you won't need the blue switch. I have a separate bluetooth module, but I haven't wired the blue switch up because it isn't really necessary. So it's just for looks in my case haha.


4 years ago

How did you wire the battery for this project. Bought the same battery and new to this. can you show pictures?


Reply 4 years ago

You will have to buy a female xt60 connector. You will have to wire this according to the schematic shown in the steps. You will then plug your battery in the female xt60 connector, and you will have power!


Reply 4 years ago

Do you have to use the power board or can it be wired right to the switch?


Reply 4 years ago

You will only need the power distribution board, if you have a 5V Bluetooth receiver. Otherwise you can also wire al the 12V's im parallel, and you don't need the power distribution board. The distribution board does clean up the wires do, so I would recommend it either way.