Introduction: Bluetooth Clap Switch.

This is a cheap way to reuse old bluetooth spakers. This is DIY device which is able to turn on or off the lights or any thing of city voltage by claping in a software installed in mobile.

Stuff you need:

  • .Arduino board
  • 5v relay
  • any old bluetooth speaker
  • perfboard
  • .Wires
  • headers (female)


  • .Soldering iron

main Idea.

The main idea of this project is that the Arduino will take input from analog pins which are connected to output of speaker and according to the data turn on or off a relay.

Step 1: Circuit.

to get to the main board r speaker just open the screws on the speaker and when you the the main board of speaker don't forget to note the solder joints on the circuit where the speaker and battery was connected.then cut the wires of speaker . and take the speaker circuit out of the case.

The systimatic is simple and given in picture just follow that and you can use a perfboard of copper dots or lines.if you are using perfboard with copper strips don't forget to make proper intruptions.

I use doublesided tape to mount the speaker circuit and relay to the perf board and flexible wire to connect every thing according to the systematics.

Step 2: Programing

you need arduino ide for programing the arduino.

In the program we make a simple lathing system.which perform simple task that when ever the input signal is greater than a threshold value it turns on the relay and led if they were of and vice versa.

the program file is given.

You can change the threshold value and even the program according to you.

Step 3: Application.

the last step is download the application(live mic).connect your mobile to the speaker and then clap on the microphone of your mobile it would open r close the relay.

if you have any question or any suggestion mention it below

please comment and share this project if you like it.

you can use this device to turn on or off the electric devices without even touching your mobile.

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