Introduction: Bluetooth Controlled Robot With Spy Wireless Camera

In this instructables i will show you how to make wireless robot controlled with Bluetooth module.the best feature of this robot is wireless camera working over above picture you can see my phone working as phone is connected to home wiffi and the Android app named AirDroid is used for Wireless camera.

for remote control over Bluetooth i have used this application Bluetooth Electronics

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Step 1: Components Required

1.arduino uno

2.bluetooth module hc-05

3. DC Motors (4)

4.Robot base

5.motor driver l293d phone

7.12v battery

8.ultrasonic sensor hc sr-04

9.jumper wire's

Step 2: Schematics

as shown in have connected two Dc Motors in parallel combination for turning the robot.for turning to right. left side Motors will be on and for turning left. right side motors will be on.
connect ultrasonic sensor vcc pin to digital pin 12
trigger to pin 8
echo to pin 9.
connect tx of arduino to rx of Bluetooth module and rx of arduino to tx of Bluetooth module.
During uploading the program disconnect Bluetooth module.
as shown in figure for running Dc Motors supply external 12v power supply.
for arduino you can use regulated 5v supply but i have used Mobile phone otg power supply.
And i have used 12 v battery for running motors only.

Step 3: Arduino Programming

I have uploaded arduino program can edit it according to your this program i have used millis function instead of delay.when i used delay function it stopping all the program.this program is combination of two program one for motor driver and other for ultrasonic sensor.

for running millis function you have to install libraries. i have uploaded zip file. extract it and paste it into libraries folder of arduino ide.

Step 4: Configuring Android App

Download Bluetooth Electronics app from google play store
I have uploaded my kwl file of can import it as can edit it according to your requirement.

Step 5: Configuring Wireless Camera

Download AirDroid app from google play store.connect your phone to your home Wifi then enter above ip address shown in app. on other browser of other device connected on same network. click on camera icon shown in can see live streaming.



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