Introduction: Bluetooth Controlled SHARK

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Around june on my 14th birthday i got a cool new present called rc shark from my brother in law.Soon after playing it i started to daydream me making an even cooler project.1months later rc shark was born.This project is inspired by eric digrahayu robo fish and cartonnerd robot fish for cistern inspection.In this tutorial i will show you how to build your own and customize your own shark.Its a very simple project so lets get started.

I also made this project too inspire young people like me and old one to help conserve sharks.Sharks now are critically endangered and some species have disappeared completely.I hope we can save the shark together.This robot can be use to research waterways.Interact with water creatures,and can be equip with a lot of sensors and a camera

ps:the second pic is the rc shark that i got from my big bro

Step 1: Gathering Materials

For this project you will need:

1.Micro servo(1x)

2.9v jack

3.9v battery

4.Arduino nano/pro mini(small ones)

5.Bluetooth module hc-05

6.Jumper wires(a bunch of those)

7.Electric tapes

8.Normal tapes


10.Latex glove

11.Spray paint of any colour(optional)


13.Foam glue

you will also need some tools including:

1.Soldering tool

2.Some diagonal clipper



now if you're done lets start building

Step 2: Program the Arduino

you can copy paste the code which i found online or make your own code

HERE: BTW,you should check if your servo is working or not.Better be safe then sorry right??:)

Step 3: Start Connecting

I lack a lot of pic cause my phone cam is lousy.Ill post the schematic in the next step.

Connect the nano too hc -05




TX-RX Connect nano to power supply Vin -9v GND-GND there are some problem including:you need 3 and port so i improvise by soldering 2 and cable to 1 port and 2 5v(hc-05 and servo) to the same port

Step 4: Attaching It to the Bottle

When you've reached this step congtrazzzz.This step is quite daunting so pls look at the pics closely.Cut a hole in your bottle cap and glue the servo holder in it(remember not to glue all of the servo).then make a cut(slice)and insert the servo cable into it.

Glue the switch next to the servo.b4 that when you connected vin and 5v cut the 5v cable into 2 so you can make a switch.After that you attach and solder these cable onto the switch(i hope you know how to solder a switch lol).You can test your shark now.

Step 5: Closing and Forming It to a Shark

After doing that,insert all these module into the plastic bottle.

Cut some foam and form it like a sharks head and tail.I made mine to look like a sand tiger shark and it looks real lol.You could use some sandpaper to form it even better.Glue the head directly,but the tail will be glued to the servo partially (1 cm into the vertebrate area of the real shark).After that you can cover the joint with latex gloves and glue them.

Step 6: Decorating

I paint mine silver with white underbelly colour.You can colour the shark anyway you want.

Don't forget to use waterproof paint or it will be disgusting when it is swimming :)

Step 7: Hacks I Did

While drying the paint i have no idea where the hell i should put them.So i decided to put them in an unusual way.The sharks body is dried by hanging it onto a ukulele.While for the fins i used a small fan to hurry to process.

Step 8: Application

I won't link you any app because i don't know how to do it.

But i will tell you how to find it:

1.Open google play(it cannot be searched using apple based stuffs)

2.Search 'servo control' and there will be a few apps available

3.Choose the one that shows it is controlled via bluetooth and not USB

Step 9: Connecting Your Shark to Your Phone

Now we've come a long way to this step.Fun fact:the longest great white ever caught was 6.1m long dayum.Open the app that you've downloaded and connect it via bluetooth(don't forget to enable your bluetooth from settings).Then choose your hc 05 module(the password is 0000/1234).

Step 10: Schematics

as i promise this is the schematic

Step 11: Using Your Shark

Now you can use your shark to chase someone whose swimming or chase fish around.I will upload a video of this homage shark vs the shark from my birthday present.I hope you like my instructables and forgive my horrible grammar and tutorial lol I'm not used to making tutorials :)

If your shark just float.Give it some rock so it can find it neutral buoyancy.

Step 12: Enjoy and Pls Vote Me :)

I hope you enjoy my fourth instructables and pls vote me in the circuit contest :)

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