Introduction: RC TANK(bluetooth)

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This is my weekend project and entry to instructables remix and arduino contest.My friend said if i can build a tank he'll give me 20$.Well that ain't worth the 40$ i spent but its worth the pride!Well be trying to make this as cheap as possible and also as green as well since you know global issues etc.

For future ones i think of

1.FPV:You can add a camera or a fpv setup to increase fun!

2.Battling:If you're a world of tanks lover like me you'll love this idea.Strap on airsoft gun or laser and battle eachother!adding a fpv will be even better cause you'll get the pilot feeling!

3.Search and rescue:finally something useful for society eh?

*FPV means First person view!

Links to all projects that i remixed:

-Rc tank by ascas:

-How to control dc motor by rui santos:

Step 1: Collecting Materials

For parts you'll need!

1.Tamiya tank thread set:10$

2.Tamiya universal plate set:10$

3.Tamiya gearbox set:10$

4.Old powerbank:free i guess?

5.USB cable:free,the older the better since old one don't have otg(means less wiring complexity)


7.Bluetooth module:2-3$

8.L298N ic:2$

9.A lot of jumpers:3-5$



If you wander why you need an power bank the answer is ENERGY of course!!!you can use other battery such as li-po,Ni-cad,Alkaline battery(its up to you).But i don't like Ni-cad cause its not green!!!!The usb is for connecting of course!

Tools you'll need

1.Phillip head screwdriver

2.Soldering iron

3.Allen key(l key)

4.Side cutters

5.Large pliers

Thats all you need!lets start building

Step 2: Coding !

I like to program first because its easier that way.Remember to remove the TX and RX b4 programming if you're programming later!Also make sure you're using the right programmer and port!

Step 3: Building the Gearbox

Building the gearbox is pretty straightforward.BUTTTT!!!the hexagonal shaft is very tricky to connect!!it took me 1 hours b4 i realise i need to use an allen key!I will also show you a vid on how to build it!

Tips:-grease the gears after you connect it!

-find the allenkey first

-Connect all strongly because its very loosen!

vid by seth vosad

Step 4: Building the Chassis AKA BODY

Building the body is pretty straightforward too!less problems!connect the chassis first and connect the second and last wheel.The first wheel(the hexagonal wheel) will be attached later when the gearbox is attached!Also dont forget to attach the threads!

Pic one is my first generation tank(name Mark 1),second is ascas's tank!


YEAYY hacking sounds fun eh?but no...this ain't that kind of hacking!You'll need an old powerbank which output is at least 1/2 amps.You'll need at least 1/2 is because the motors is seriously power thirsty.You might wander why i chose a powerbank?why not just normal battery?Well my powerbank is old and i wanna recycle stuffs.Powerbank also holds more power then any other dc power source that is to maintain!

You'll need to take apart the case to lighten it!Every gram counts because its a very small tank.Be sure you're powerbank is slim and thin because it will be slotted underneath the chassis!

Step 6: Circuit!

Connecting is pretty easy to!

arduino - bluetooth

rx - tx

tx - rx


5v - 5v

For the ic circuit ill show you in photos because its to complicated to be explained in words!The powerbank is then connected with an old usb(which is already opened and skinned ) and then connect the red wires from the usb to the VIN of the arduino.Ground wire from the powerbank goes to ground on the arduino.

First picture is me testing the polarity and the last pic is me soldering the wires for the motors!

Step 7: Final Assembly

HORAY!you almost have a rc tank!even better a homemade rc tank!

Now you need to assemble the gearbox into place and connect all!threads can also be joined now!Put you're arduino sideways and join it using wires(tie knots).I used wires because the holes on the arduino and on the tank plate is align(dunno why).Put the bluetooth module and pcb inside the arduino and tie a rubber around the wires,viola you're tank is done!

Be sure to recheck the connections,and joints b4 you assemble.A single mistake and screw lots of stuffs which can be very frustrating!

Step 8: Application

For controling the motors i use blue ard which only works with android!

Step 9: DONE

If you like this project please kindly like and vote me at the remix and arduino contest!i will be posting videos soon!

test 1(with old powerbank):

update:i found a cheap powerbank(7$)and its very slim so it fits perfectly beneath the rc tank!vid update on friday

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