Introduction: Bluetooth Enabled Humidor (Steam Punk Style) (medium Skill Level)

Humidor: A device to keep your cigars at a certain humidity (70% is optimum apparently).

Bluetooth enabled Humidor: Now your humidor is a smart device that can send it's humidity readings at specific intervals to other devices with bluetooth (in my case my MAC desktop)

Side note: In no way do I endorse smoking, I do however enjoy a monthly cigar :(

I will skip over most of the design aesthetic as this is a personal choice and stick to the Arduino setup sketches and Processing sketches. I would recommended just using an existing humidor and drilling holes for the wires to exit, candle wax is best for sealing any air gaps.

**Please note you will need the Processing IDE Processing download on your computer and be able to search and connect to bluetooth devices

Step 1: Items

  • Arduino Uno
  • HC06 Bluetooth UART to serial adapter
  • DHT11 Temperature and Humidity Sensor (plus Arduino library , please download here:DHT.h library for Arduino

  • Small servo motor (optional)
  • Small resistor 4.7k Ω for DHT11
  • Breadboard, wires, solder, soldering iron etc...

Step 2: Connections


Connect the RXD to pin 5

Connect the TXD to pin 3

Connect GND to ground ;

and Vcc to the Arduino 3 volt line

Servo motor (optional)

Connect the input line to 6 , now we do need an alternative power supply for this device, another Arduino will suffice or you can google how to supply power to servo.


Connect the DHT11 as shown in the diagram, don't forget the resistor


Red pin to 11

Green pin to 10

Blue pin to 9

Step 3: THE CODE...

Step 4: Smoke Your Cigar Lol