Introduction: MEGABLOCK to RGB LED MEGABLOCK (modular)

As per the title suggests. You can stack an unlimited amount of RGBs :)

Step 1: PARTS

1.Arduino UNO

2. Glue Gun

3. Wire stripper

4. Solder and Soldering Iron

5. WS2812B RGB LED X 2 minimum


Step 2: WS2812B RGB LED

This is the LED that is modular, i.e. you can link these in a chain and control each individual LED as you wish. You will need to extend the 6 soldered blobs in the image to wires. For the MASTER RGB LED (the one that is connected directly to the Arduino) follow the arrows. The Arduino is at the start of the arrow, the middle pin is connected to Arduino pin3 and the ground and voltage to ground and voltage. The OUT goes to the next

WS2812B RGB LED to the INS of the this RGB.

You will need to download the library:

and the arduino example:


1. Cut off the face of one side of the MEGABLOCK.

2. The OUTS of the LED need to be connected to next MEGABLOCK, as per my picture i have used screws as connecting plates.

3. Again the INS, go directly to the Arduino.


1. Cut one face of the MEGABLOCK. Add connecting screws to the bottom of this MEGABLOCK to connect with the MASTER.

Step 5: Test Your LEDS and Connections

Make sure your Arduino code and LED connections are working. Test each one individually.

Step 6: Finished....

Stack your BLOCKS and watch the light show.