Introduction: Bluetooth Lego Brick

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This is a take on the USBdrive, that was covered in Lego. Mine is a bluetooth adaptor that is covered in Lego, It is in total the size of one 2x4 brick.

Shown below are the bluetooth adaptor before and after modification.

Step 1: Dismantle!

Prize the plastic case open. There sould be four pieces, a metal USB bit, two plastic covers, and a circuit board.
Get some wire-cutters, on one piece of plastic, cut along the red lines, as shown below. On the second, cut the corners off so it looks like the second picture.
Piece the whole lot back together, and it should look somewhat like the last picture (Red being what it was before, Black being what is is now.)

Step 2: Chop, Chop!

Find two Lego bricks (2x2 little dimples each) They can be any colour :)

Look at the picture before you do any cutting!!!

Get a saw (I used a hacksaw) and cut two cuts down the side of one brick, as close to the edge as possible. Use pliers to twist and bend it 'til it comes out.

Use wire-cutters and pliers to take out the centre-piece.
A knife and file should be used to neaten it off a bit, until your bluetooth gadget will fit in.

Repeat with other brick.

Step 3: Glue, What a Sticky Situation.

Whip out some glue. I used polystyrene glue, for sticking plastic. Use whatever you think will work best; Araldite, Supa-glue, PVA, toffee, Hot glue (I would have used this, if I had a glue gun. Glue the plastic body into one of your bricks, with all the metal USB bit sticking out.

Leave to dry.

Leave to dry some more.

Step 4: Make Cap (With Another Lego Brick)

Find some foam, any old foam preferably quite spongy.

Cut two 1-2mm (thick)  pieces, big enough to fit on the top and bottom of the brick, as in the picture.

Glue them in place. The USB bitty should fit in nice and snug.

Step 5: Fin!

The USB lego bluetooth brick gadget dongle is now ready to be plugged into the computer! (once the glue is dry.)

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